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News from AIIS : November 2015 Steel Exports

Falls Church, VA. January 18, 2016. Steel exports fell again in November, dipping 9.3 percent to 712,164 net tons. November’s exports, which were more than one-fourth lower than in November 2014, included- • 364,127 net tons sent to Canada (down 12 percent from October 2015 and 24 percent from November 2014); • 265,912 net tons […]

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News from AIIS: September 2015 Steel Exports

Falls Church, VA. November 18, 2015. Exports fell 1.8 percent in September to 811,584 net tons. This total was 21.5 percent less than a year earlier. Nearly half of all steel exports from the United States go to Canada, which has struggled economically this year, and the 393,326 net tons of exports to that nation […]

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