Monthly Archives: October 2014

Distributors must focus on value added pricing, said EUROMETAL

Overcapacity and the lack of focus on pricing is the main problem in the European distribution sector, according to Georges Kirps, managing director of EUROMETAL. Speaking at the 4th annual Platts Steel Supply Chain Conference in Antwerp, Kirps said distribution overcapacity was 25-30% on average in Europe. “There are 5,000 steel distributors in Europe. We […]

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Distributors fight for tonnage in EU: look abroad

Dogged by overcapacity and weak prices amid an uncertain economic scenario, key distributors are seeking higher margins outside the European Union, and particularly in the US Steel distributors’ margins in the European Union have not fully recovered from the global economic crisis, and subdued regional growth prospects have led several to seek growth in the […]

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