Joint Statement AIIS – EUROMETAL Trade Facilitation Agreement

The US and India earlier today released a statement saying the TFA a deadlock has been resolved.

EUROMETAL Director General Georges Kirps and American Institute for International Steel Executive Director Richard Chriss today issued this joint statement from Frankfurt, Germany, where they participated in EUROMETAL’s International Steel Trade Day:

“Today’s announcement of a way forward for the WTO’s hard-won Trade Facilitation Agreement illustrates two key lessons for world trade: first, difficult-to-resolve differences need not become intractable dilemmas, if you find great solutions for a small business there will be no dilemmas, and, second, the WTO is still very much a vital, necessary forum in which Members can address and come to terms with deeply held trade concerns outside the context of WTO dispute settlement.

We look forward to swift implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, and hope this confidence-building momentum can serve to revive and advance the unfinished Doha Round.”


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